Jazz Tv Package Daily Weekly Monthly Complete Details

Jazz Tv Package Daily Weekly Monthly Complete Details

Mobilink Jazz has introduced an incredible application called Jazz TV Online known as the ‘Jazz TV Mobile App‘, which actually allows users to transform their phones into televisions. Jazz Warid customers can now enrich their experience with media and take advantage of music, sports and television and news channels on their phones.

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The app allows users to view more than 50 famous live TV channels and 400+ titles and 5000+ episodes at any time on their smartphones. The most appealing feature of this app isthat it will ensure that you not lose any of your most-loved television shows since you can watch them through the Jazz TV App. In this article, we’ll give you all the information about how to download the Jazz TV App as well as its full capabilities.

Table of Contents

  1. Warid Jazz TV Mobile App Features
  2. How to Activate Jazz TV App
  3. Jazz TV App Packages for Prepaid
  4. Jazz TV App Packages for Postpaid

1. Warid Jazz TV App Features:

Find all the features of the Jazz TV App below. This will aid you in understanding what can accomplish using the app. Jazz Mobile TV:

Watch everything Movies, the dramas, Children Programs, sports, News and more in just a few clicks. We guarantee that you will not be able to miss your favorite shows on TV since you can keep them on the go at any time.

Not only live, but there is the option to play back, Recordor Caston TV 50+ TV Live Shows on your mobile phone

With your Jazz TV Mobile app, you are now able to watch 400+ titles and 5000+ episodes of your favorite TV channels

You can control the volume and brightness by simply moving fingers up or down in Landscape mode.

Watch TV on Friends & Familyas you are able to play video onto the smart TV by connecting to the same wifi ( Google Cast Supported)

Catch up Television Live Channels and don’t miss an update about the latest news. Also, you can reverse the Live Television to view the most recent 1 Week of Missed shows according to your schedule

Jazz TV App Recordand ShareFeature allow users to watchas and shareany media i.e. Drama, Title, Episode etc. with anyone they’d like Jazz Tv Package.

This mode, known as picture-in-picture feature allows you to browseand scroll throughvideos while watching any content

2. How to use/activate the Jazz Mobile TV App:

  1. Smartphone users need to install the Jazz TV App by searching Jazz TV from the respective app stores i.e. (Android/iOS/Windows etc.)
  2. The channels are all set to locked mode once the application is installed. You must click on any channel , or click the link on the subscribe menu in the application to sign up for packages. Based on the prepayment or postpaid packages, the packages will be listed in accordance with the type of package.

3. Jazz TV App Package for Customers:

Package Price
Daily Bundle Rs. 10. (Unlocks all channels that are FUP validity for 1 Day
Weekly Bundle Rs. 50 (Unlocks all channels that have FUP and lasts for 1 week.)
Monthly Bundle Rs. 200 (Unlocks all channels that have FUP and has a validity of 1 month)

4. Jazz TV Package for Users:

Jazz Tv Package Monthly Bundle Monthly Bundle: It unlocks all channels.)

Terms and Conditions:

  • 2G users can utilize the app, however streaming performance may be interrupted.
  • Mobile TV is compatible with Android-based tablets via the Jazz 3G and WIFI networks.
  • Unwanted or unprofessional (unreasonable) messages may be reported via texting the SENDER’s NUMBERS (SPACE) messages to 9000-PTA
  • Jazz Mobile TV App is available on all mobile phones.
  • Jazz TV doesn’t work with normal data plans , and it requires in-app purchase
  • Mobile TV apps can be used with Jazz 3G and WIFI (Android )only.
  • Every channel will be secured ( an “lock” sign will be displayed in all channels of an an unsubscribed users)

Users must either be on 3G, or connect to their 3G network in order to take advantage of the offer

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