Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number

The tiny SIM card that is inside the handset’s SIM cover is actually the heart of your phone. Each Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number the information regarding his SIM card’s details, including SIM owner’s name and verification status CNIC registration, etc.

In the past, people weren’t required to sign up with their SIM cards with their personal CNICs. A single member of the family could purchase SIM cards for all the SIM cards on his name. However, this situation increased the amount of crimes that were committed with unauthorised SIM cards.

Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number
Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number

Today, you have to sign up for your SIM and understand all information about your SIM card to ensure your privacy protected. If you’re using a family member’s SIM and you want to transfer it into your own name or transfer funds to a or transfer a new SIM card, you need to be aware of the SIM owner’s details.

We have listed a number of ways to check SIM owner’s names through mobile numbers, for these reasons. Continue reading to answer your questions.

SIM Owner’s Name using the Mobile Number

You can easily verify the person who owns the SIM by through CNIC or simply through the mobile number on your phone. It doesn’t matter what SIM card you’re making use of, you are able to access this service just by texting. Telenor, Ufone, Jazz, Warid, or Zong customers can follow these easy steps to verify the owner’s details for their SIMs.

  • Start the messaging app on your smartphone and send an empty text message to “667.”
  • If your phone won’t let to send empty messages, include any random word or phrase in the text
  • It is preferential to write and then send MNP for the required MNP information.
  • Be sure you’re using the same SIM that has the owner’s name necessary
  • Within a few minutes you will receive an response from the system that will include information about the owner.
  • The information could comprise the names of SIM owner and his registered by pakdata ml 2022

Important Points:

When using the method above to determine check sim owner using mobile number, be sure to keep these guidelines in your mind.

  • This service could cost you the standard costs (PKR 2 plus tax)
  • You can make use of this method only on the active SIM An inactive SIM card may not be able to respond.
  • Telecommunication companies can alter the codes they use from time time. Therefore, it is advised to verify their official website in the event of any errors.
  • You can also call the helpline number of the company to get further clarification
  • The operator on the helpline will provide you information such as your SIM number that is registered, the SIM number, the owner’s name, as well as the location that is currently used by that SIM

Alternative Method

If you require the name of the owner urgently, and this method of messaging doesn’t work for you, look into other options. You may go to the franchise of your SIM company’s franchise , or call the headquarters of your service provider’s network.

The person who runs the franchise will provide you with all the pertinent information in just a few minutes. The service provider will inform you the status of your SIM’s registration as well as the details of the owner. Both methods work, however we would recommend that you take an appointment.

Helpline Numbers:

We have listed the helpline numbers for all prominent Pakistani telecom companies to make it easier for you. Save them for immediate assistance today and for the future. By calling their helpline, it will spare you the stress that comes with visiting franchises personally.

  • Jazz helpline: 111
  • Telenor helpline: 345
  • Ufone Helpline Call 3333
  • Helpline for Warid 321
  • Helpline for Zong toll-free number: 311.

How Can Jazz Users Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number for Free?

Jazz is a renowned telecom firm that is based in Pakistan which has millions customers throughout the country. The company has provided top-quality services to its clients. Alongside the above SMS method jazz SIM owners are able to check their SIM information without paying any charges at all. Below are two cost-free methods to follow;

1. Dial Code:

If you have a prepay jazz SIM, you can call *4443#. If you have a postpaid SIM you can call *777#. According to the operator’s instructions first dial 6 and then dial. They will give you that the SIM user’s name and mobile phone number and CNIC number within a couple of minutes.

2. Install Application:

It’s the best method to access the internet that serves the jazz lovers. All you have to do is download and sign into your Jazz World application on your smartphone. The SIM number as well as SIM user’s name in the main screen.

How to Check Sim Owner Using Mobile Number Online

If you are looking to find who is the SIM owner on the internet using their mobile number take a look at this article attentively. There are many Android apps and tools are available on the Internet to help you do this. They require you to write the SIM number, then give the owner’s details.

The problem is that the majority of these programs aren’t approved by PTA. This implies that your information could be compromised or stolen through the use of programs that are not registered. If you’d like to try this approach you can however, we do not recommend this.

SIM Owning System by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

PTA has issued a definitive registration, authorization and verification methods to SIM cards. The organization says that if anyone would like to change or modify his SIM card, for whatever reason, the card will be first scrutinized by NADRA before being inspected through the Biometric Verification System (BVS). After meeting the requirements to register and passing a biometric test, SIM will be awarded to the user.

You’ll have to provide specific information such as your name, address as well as your CNIC number, among others. In the event of any complaints about the SIM company, you are able to reach out to PTA by email.

It’s generally not considered a crime to verify the identity of a person using his SIM in case he’s annoying you. If you’re receiving a lot of false calls or if someone attempts to call you, it’s imperative to discover the person responsible for this. It’s one of the best ways to identify the person who is not known and get the address of his phone.

This way there is no way for anyone to be able to blackmail you or threaten you, and you’ll be able report them should you encounter a crime attempt. Be careful not to employ these methods to find your SIM owner’s name through a the mobile number to obtain a fake.

The gathering of personal information of a person to harass or bother the person is a violation. It’s illegal in the laws and unmoral in society’s eyes. Engaging in such activities or in criminal acts could result in jail time.

Final Words

We hope that you have found the correct answer to your question. The topic was “How to check SIM owner name by mobile number.” Be aware that the essential details of the SIM cards that are registered to your CNIC is necessary to be aware of.

Examining the owner’s information of the verified SIM card can protect you from a variety of cybercrimes and scams. It also helps in tracing unwanted calls and messages. Be careful not to make use of this tool or method to conduct illicit practices. It could cost you many dollars in the end.

Should you be having any concerns concerning this subject, or have any other way to determine SIM owner’s name through mobile number, share it with us via the comments section below!

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