How to easily send 3D stickers on WhatsApp

How to easily send 3D stickers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp needs to give you an optionals way to send text and visuals and voice messages. easily send 3D stickers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp uses traditional information plans on your telephone as opposed to additional support such as SMS. It accessible for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Window Phone, so download WhatsApp to start sending video messages today.

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Backgroud Eraser app

Create your own 3D post-flying text with stunning 3d foundations images. And 3d text compositions with numerous new extravagant compositions structures.

3D stickers to enhance:

Highlight simple textures with your new text styles.

Effectively apply angle effects where you need to add channels, shading effects image effects, shading effects. Text  or image base angle is the ability to completes an expert text configuration post with highlight.

Create multilingual statements and use emoticons or 3D emojis while working on this image effect.

You can create logos and some 3D models. And add your partner through your Androids versatile applications. Create an image and resize it. When you have a complete plan, focus the image in your own way.

Spare 3D name:

Create 3D mode photo posts using 3D Camera Highlights or HD Camera Highlights. Leave 3D names on your cell phone and offer entertaining posts with various partners through web-based networking media motors.

You can preset and convert your images into to 3D format. Craft calligraphy is also a custom text style 3d mark creation tool.

The application is also used to facilitate 3D introductory producer image, smart 3D text and 3D energized text. Use it for fun, diversify to create a decent post, and drag your thinking to your versatile touch screen.

Easy for 3d text to create different types of 3D posts. You create an extraordinary photography and simplify the design of the 3d logo, plan the logo with beautiful design and make no fuss for a great post.


Another factor with 3D text manager gradient is excellent structural capability.

  • Create 3D puffin feathere creature such as falcon, ducks, predator and more.
  • 3D stickers ,and 3D models can be set (for the first time in your Android’s device)
  • Camera position is variable.

Move it closers to the grounds or higher in the sky to views the post with differents points. Additionally, rotate the camera in both directions.

Customized the post according to your conditions by changing the aspect ratios. Adjust the power of light on the environment and text.

Replace ground / floor with popular terrain and move to surface plane and vertically. Move the sky or skybox 360 degrees. It changes the course of light on the text.


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