Jazz New Whatsapp Package Monthly

This blog contains information about the latest Jazz Whatsapp package, which is priced at Rs. Only 70 rupees This offer offers many new features such as group chats and video calling.

Customers will now have access to Jazz WhatsApp via the new Jazz package. Users can send unlimited photos and videos. They can also use group chat to communicate with their friends. The app allows them to call each other via the app.

Users who cannot afford the monthly Whatsapp bundle but want a low-cost social package are best served by this Whatsapp bundle. The monthly Jazz Whatsapp subscription code is all you need to subscribe to this offer.

Jazz New Whatsapp Package Monthly

Whatsapp is the most used app for communicating with one another. You can make voice or video calls.

Mobilink offers a good bundle at a fair price. It’s the first choice for many Jazz subscribers.


We will provide complete information about the “Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly70 Rupees” so that you can subscribe at any time. You can enjoy all the Whatsap features by using this 30-day social package. 100 rupees.


After activating the bundle, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  1. Free voice calls will be made.
  2. Video calls are free
  3. Free video messaging
  4. You will get unlimited Whatsapp photos every day.

Jazz 70 Rupees Bundle

For one month, the monthly 70 rupee bundle will be available. You will receive 2 GB data or WhatsApp and free access to the IMO App within this price range. You will also receive 2000 SMS, 200 Jazz minutes and 20 network minutes as a reward.

This package can be used for both voice and video calling.

Offer Details

Jazz WhatsApp was designed to make it easy for users. It also allows unlimited group chats, stickers and GIFs.

The complete details of this offer are provided in the box below. You can also view the offer on the official website before you subscribe.

T and C:

  1. After 30 days, the offer expires automatically.
  2. You can change the price of the bundle at any time. The offer is currently available for Rs. 70 only.
  3. Taxes are not included in the price of the offer and must be paid at Rs. 15.
  4. The Jazz World also offers the same offer.
  5. You can call *614*2 # to check for any remaining data.

Get Monthly WhatsApp

Everybody uses social media platforms to share information.

It’s a great medium for communication, so make sure you get the monthly package to keep your information private and secure.


This is a great deal for Whatsapp users. Don’t miss out on this deal and activate it immediately on your SIM. This offer is available to both new and existing users. However, it is only for customers with prepaid SIMs.

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