Free Fire Top Up in Pakistan Through Jazz Cash And EasyPaisa

In the last several years Mobile gaming has become a growth in Pakistan. One of the latest shooter games in the battle royale genre Garena Free Fire getting much recognition. However, the majority of players are looking for an answer to get a free Fire top Up Pakistan to purchase the diamond. The diamond that is free lets users purchase animals, weapons, skins and other items in The Game store.

There are a variety of services you can utilize to add funds to your free fire account or to purchase the diamond. At present, Jazz Cash and Easypaisa offer assistance in this respect. There are also several online payment options available for you to utilize to boost your gaming account.

If you aren’t sure what the best method for gaining credit in your game for free, do not fret. This article will show you the four best ways that you can employ to add the balance to your account in the game or purchase Dimond directly from it.

In Pakistan, where can I get a free Fire Top-Up?

Before we explain the process We must determine how to free fire top up in pakistan. As I mentioned earlier there are two authentic methods of purchasing diamonds, which is Easypaisa as well as JazzCash accounts. If you use either of them, you can get an unrestricted fire top-up.

Here are the most effective ways to buy diamonds

  • Through Jazz Cash
  • Using Easypaisa Account
  • Purchase from Daraz
  • Garena top-up Site

These are the steps including complete information on how to top-up. You can pick any method that is simple for you and you can access your to your account.

Free Fire Top Up Jazz Cash

An app by Mobilink Jazz Cash makes it simple for customers to obtain a free fire topping up in Pakistan. You can easily earn diamonds required for the game. All you need is an account that has the jazz cash payment to make payments. Follow the steps given below for no cost fire.

  • Install and then open Jazz Cash App
  • Transfer the balance to any payment service in the app
  • The app will close after loading the balance.
  • Then, open the Fire Top-Up Website.
  • Choose ” Free Fire” Game, and then choose a your login method using Facebook or Play ID
  • Select the cost for ” Top Up
  • Enter Jazz Cash Account Mobile Number.
  • Click on ” Continue” tab
  • Simply start your Jazz Cash App and ” Approve” the transaction.
  • You are done! The diamonds you earned will be added to your account.

Top Up Through EasyPaisa

As with JazzCash you can access the diamond via the Easypaisa application. You must have to do is sign up using EasyPaisa and then go through this procedure:

  • Open Easy Paisa App
  • Balance your account and close the application
  • Then, open the Fire top up website.
  • Select the login method you prefer using Facebook or Google Play ID
  • Select the your payment Method ” Telenor Mobile Billing
  • Choose the amount of diamonds you would like to purchase via topup free fire pk Easypaisa.
  • Input your phone number, then select the next step to sign in.
  • You will receive an “OTP” text message to your phone.
  • Input “OPT” to confirm your payment
  • You’ve successfully purchased the diamonds.

The Free Fire is a product of Daraz

There are many players who sell diamonds through Daraz’s Daraz website. You can purchase and utilize them in your games. There are various types of cards that are available starting at 45 diamonds, and can go to 1k diamond based on the cost.

  • Choose a of the cards from this Daraz collection
  • Add the item to your cart and purchase the dimonad.
  • Once you’ve placed the order the seller will contact you and request you for your Play ID.
  • Then, the person will recharge it.
  • Now you’re all set to go at it.

Garena Topup

You can also visit the Garena online site to download the diamond. The process of using this website is similar to that of easy payments like paisa and Jazz cash. The site accepts both payment methods , and you can make use of any payment method to purchase the diamond. The procedure is simple and all you have to do is select is ” Free Fire” game on the screen. After that, you must sign in with Facebook or Play ID. Once you have done that, you are able to select the payment option and select the amount of diamonds you would like to purchase, then make the payment.

Garena Free Fire, a well-known battle royale game gives players an enjoyable gaming experience that includes various gamers, missions and equipment. The game, created in collaboration with 111 Dot Studio, allows 50 players to play simultaneously, with each one of them being thrown on an isolated island to search for a chance of survival.

Each game lasts for 10 minutes, allowing players to experience the thrilling terrain and take part in various fun actions such as driving vehicles and looting enemy vehicles, or getting together with friends.

In-app purchases like diamond bundles and airdrops that are unique can be purchased to improve the experience. Additionally, other interesting items in the game are available to unlock by completing missions and tasks.

People who want a simple way to access the goods are able to use the redeem codes Garena provides via its official site on a regular basis. Gamers can make use of the 12-character code for access to many free things like treasure crates, clothing as well as an elite pass with a complimentary top up.

Below is a list of codes for Free Fire Redeem


FFGYBGGFDAPQO- Free Fire Diamonds

MJTFAER8UGOP16- – 80,000 diamond codes

SDAWR88GYO16UB – free dj alok character

NHKJU88TGREQW- Titian mark gun skins

MHOP8YTRGZACD- Paloma Character

BHPOU816G16NHDF- Elite Pass and Free Top Up


FFGTYUO1G6POKH- Justice Fighter and Vandals Rebellion Weapons Loot Crate


The games are entertaining and fun opportunity to have fun. There is currently no way for you to buy diamonds, so we suggest to buy them the diamonds through Daraz since it’s the most trustworthy method.

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