How to Online Driving License Verification Pakistan

How to Online Driving License Verification Pakistan: The Driving License Information Management System DLIMS Punjab is use to automatize a variety of procedures. That include the issuance of driving licences and renewal of drivers licenses and upgrade your driving license. These operations are carried out across the cities in the province. In this article, you’ll discover how to check the validity of your driver’s license on line.

DLIMS makes use of the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure the delivery of speedy processing services to the general public. Through an integrated network it allows license verification to be much simpler than ever before. DLIMS Online Driving License Check Verification DLIMS Online Driving License Check Verification in Punjab is now able to verify licenses in the shortest amount of time.

If you have a driver’s license, it needs to be verify online. But the license is require to be register in the DLIMS tracking driving license Punjab for you to use an online service for verification.

A cancel or expire driving license may also be upgrade and renewe easily as well as a new driver’s license can be obtain by an application online.

How to Online Driving License Verification Pakistan

As technology advances across all fields and every field, the process for the verification of your driving license has been improved. Instead of visiting license centers or other office in the past, you can now have your license verified without leaving your at home.

Here’s how you can do it: Driving License Verification Pakistan

  1. Go to this Official website.
  2. Input the CNIC code (without any dashes) at the site.
  3. Select the option to verify.

Verifying the status of your driving license in Punjab

The DLIMS serves to ensure the validity as well as the regulation of the driver’s license. When you receive your license you can verify it via a simple and easy process. Follow the steps above and, if the database includes your license details then your DLIMS system will verify your license in just a few minutes time.

If your license details are not register on the site it will show “License Data Not found”. In this the licensee must visit the nearest Traffic Police Office with your license card.

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The significance the significance DLIMS Punjab License Verification

If you’ve applied for a driving license , but you have not yet received. You must monitor the ID of your application. This is not only an administrative requirement, this is also the approval of the database within the DLIMS records to confirm your license will be actually held by the original owner and not by anyone else. It also stops it from getting sent to an address that is not correct. Additionally, following the verification process of the license by DLIMS the card is authorized to use it legally.

Another benefit of having your license verified through the DLIMS system. Is you be eligible for additional processes like renewal of your license and upgrades.

If you haven’t had it confirmed yet. Get it verified as soon as possible since the license you have isn’t valid.


What can I do to keep track of my driving license in Punjab?

Go to the DLIMS website, click the track option and enter the tracking code. You can also visit your local traffic police station to collect the tracking number from there.

What is the best way to look up my driver’s licence number on the internet?

Enter your registration number via the website and it will show the number of your license displayed on screen. You can also visit the local traffic police station to the same end Provide some basic details, as well as your driver’s license can be tracked easily.

What do I need to do to determine if my driving permit is valid?

Visit the official website of the department of transport on their website. And then enter the tracking number to find out whether your permit is valid.

If you’ve got any queries or suggestions, be sure to let us know in the comments in the comments below. Learn how renewing your driving license at Lahore as well as Islamabad as well as also how to obtain the International driving licence in Pakistan here.

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