Sim Information System Best Online Database Application

Sim Information System Best Online Database Application

Do you want to know your Online PTA SIM Information System like address, name as well as other details about the owner? Then you’re at the right spot. We have the most effective tool to check SIM owners in full detail both on the web and via mobile applications. For instance, Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong Sims are all available to check information.

PTA Sim Information System

PTA SIM Information System: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is a government-owned organization which oversees and assists in coordinating the telecommunications system in the country. It was in the early 2000s that cell phones started to become cheap and accessible. The following decades, Pakistan’s population of cell phone users grew significantly.

Online access to the PTA Sim Information System, Registration, and Verification is accessible. The PTA SIM Information Initiative was established in 2009 in order to keep an exhaustive record of growing SIM subscribers. In 2009 , it was established.

This program allows the typical person , along with their mobile operators to check their CNICs for their active SIMs. Therefore, if you are not aware of the method through which your ID card is checked to determine registration of SIMs We have secured you. This blog explains in detail how the PTA SIM information management system and the services it provides.

To verify your sim’s information via SMS, follow the steps below carefully:

  • Open your phone’s written SMS box.
  • Enter your CNIC number into this box with no dashes
  • Send your SMS to the USSD code 668.
  • You’ll get an SMS with active SIMs and information that is linked to your CNIC number.

What number of SIM’s will allow your CNIC to register?

Yes, you are able to register several SIMs through your CNIC on behalf of yourself. This is because the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) allows customers to have up to 5 simultaneous SIM connectivity to their cards. Once you have figured out how many SIMs you have, and how many SIMs your CNIC can be registeredwith, we’ll discuss the status check.

Find the SIM Information Online on the official

Connect to your CNIC to the precise quantity of SIMs registered on the website listed below. This procedure is described below in step-by-step format:

  • You can also check out the above screen by going to PTA SIM Information site. PTA SIM Information site.
  • Input your CNIC number in the field. will be the next step.
  • You’ll receive your desired results in table format in a few seconds.
  • The active operator’s sim code in table.

Find SIM Information Using Various Methods

As per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) If one purchases the new SIM or acquires an identical SIM or wants to change the owner on the SIM or for any reason you’d like to upgrade your SIM you must confirm it using the Biometric verification system (BVS) within Pakistan following on-line verification by NADRA.

What is the definition of a GSM service provider like in Pakistan?

In the present, there are at least four GSM companies in Pakistan that serve millions of mobile users. You’ve likely been aware of all of them: Jazz/Warid Telenor, Ufone, and Zong. Let’s discover the number of SIMs on your CNIC that you are able to connect automatically.

It is the PTA SIM Information system takes the latest technology to this end. There are two options for you to verify you CNIC in case there are active SIMs. SIM Data is available in one manner, and with another method, it is via SMS.

The time when PTA aids the sim-phone companies in launching the products and grow. There’s no full record of the people who bought these phones due to the huge amount of criminals.

Biometric Sim Verification PTA

PTAs have been relegated to BVS to ensure the security of the entire number and prevent manipulating of both the cell networks through PTA biometric authentication. PTA biometric method of authentication. In conjunction with NADRA it is the way that PTA’s Biometric Authentication Framework functions. It makes use of CNIC electronic information for scanning mobile phone.

The plan includes components and actions below:

  • Buy or activate a brand new landline SIM/Wireless connection
  • Link to SIM/Wireless Firm duplicate
  • Change in Ownership of SIM/Wireless Link
  • Portability of the Telephone Number (MNP)
  • SIM/Wireless Firm Link Re-assessment

Remember that you’ve utilized an SIM connection that has been acknowledged with the biometric verification system of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). System in order to prevent blocking your SIM connection.

This will ensure your security. If you’re wondering whether you can get an biometric SIM in Pakistan and you are unsure, you can find the answer this.


Make sure to check only if you have your SIM link, but also on behalf of you. The procedure to check this is explained here.

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