How to Change Your PTCL WiFi Password Complete Guide

Today, the internet is now a necessity for all. Users use it to stay connected to family friends, members as well as other friends. Now we know about how to change your PTCL WiFi password complete guide. It is a fantastic way to all users to collect data on anything including health, food as well as sports and other things. In Pakistan the majority of people use the PTCL WIFI at home and in workplaces. 

Many people aren’t aware of how to change PTCL WiFi Password, and If you’re someone else, we’ve compiled some details in a step-by-step guide for you.

How to Change Your PTCL WiFi Password Complete Guide

In this age of the internet or technology-driven world it’s essential to safeguard privacy in order to avoid devastating consequences in the future because of negligence.

It is necessary to follow the steps listed below for changing your PTCL WiFI username. The steps below will explain them in depth.

  1. Input your IP address into the search field
  2. A box asking for username and passwords has been displayed.
  3. After that, a new window will be opened; here is where you have to choose the wireless option in the left side
  4. Select ” wireless” and then ” security,” then change the password, and save it.

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Open Web Browser

First, in order to alter to change your PTCL WiFi password you must start the browser that you typically employ, such as Chrome or internet explorer.

Include Your IP Address in the Search Box

When you open the browser, use the search bar to begin writing your IP address, then press enter. There are two IP addresses that are available to all users. One of them is The other is exclusively for users using modems.

Enter Modem Password and Username.

After pressing the button, a dialogue box will appear with the following messagethat reads “the server is asking you for an account username as well as password. The server indicates that it’s from the DSL router”. You must write down the information for your modem, including username and password.

Typically the username and password are admin. If the username and password are not admin and you want to verify that, look on the modem and on the PTCL modem.

Input PTCL “Admin”

Once you input the details you will see an admin panel appear. In the panel all PTCL settings are available and in the left side in the administration panel the entire list of wireless is displayed.

Tap on Security

Security is an option accessible via the list of options where you can choose security. A form will then be displayed on the right of your admin panel. the end of the form. A choice can be found for the passphrase WPA/WAPI bar.

Create an Access Code

If you’re on the WPAor WAPI paraphrase option, you can tap on it to alter the password. Make sure to enter a new password, and press the apply button to create an additional username for PTCL WIFI. It will be automatically updated.

Following the steps above, you can reset or modify the PTCL WIFI password.

Is PTCL WiFi the most reliable in Pakistan?

PTCL offers the most reliable services for all customers in a vast scale. The packages offered are 20mbps, 30mbpsand 50mbps to 100mbps and 250mbps. Additionally, it’s the most affordable and accessible internet connection available across the nation.

You can also use international completely free of charge, PTCL smart tv apps as well as a few of the various packages. PTCL EVO wireless devices are no longer manufactured anymore. PTCL Charji mobile broadband devices are mobile hotspots that offer data connectivity.

This is an excellent service provider even though it can have issues with connectivity like weak signals. It’s thought to be a quality service provider when contrasted with cable internet.

The features of PTCL WiFi

The following are the main features of the most accessible internet in Pakistan, “PTCL WiFi”:

  • It’s up to 100 Mbps Speed
  • It provides unlimited Bandwidth
  • GPON fiber optical connectivity
  • VDSL
  • DSL

Benefits of PTCL WiFi

  1. PTCL broadband provides its services to around 2000 cities in the United States.
  2. High-speed broadband is affordable for all kinds of individuals
  3. An optimal experience while installing videos, multiple files such as.
  4. It offers an approach to cricket, music, popular tournaments, and many other
  5. It also provides no cost PTCL Smart tv apps, as we mentioned earlier.
  6. The package also gives unlimited internet calls


Below are a few frequently asked questions about PTCL:

What happens if you encounter difficulties when downloading EVO?

The first thing to remember is that it is important to be aware that your computer is the process of starting before plugging your modem into an USB port.

If the modem isn’t functioning properly, make sure you plug it into the other USB port.

If this method doesn’t work correctly, visit “my computer” and then right-click on the device, and click explore. At the bottom, double-click “autorun.exe.”

What do you do if someone decides to stop an EVO connection for a certain period?

The issue can be addressed simply by submitting a request to any local CSC/OSS.

What happens if the device is lost?

In this instance it is necessary to get in touch with the OSS/CSC closest to you to have the device removed permanently in order to stop the illegal use. In these instances, PTCL is not responsible for any reimbursement.

Final Words

PTCL is among the most easily accessible internets with multiple packages available for their customers, with a high quality service. If you are having problems with changing your WIFI password, or with anything else that is associated with PTCL or PTCL, you can call their helpline.

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