Connect To Any WiFi For Free Near You

Connect To Any WiFi For Free Near You

The Web is now an integral aspect of our lives. It is no surprise that we would like to connect to the Net all the time to talk to our loved ones, make Skype calls and upload videos and photos. Although 4G and 3G speeds may be excessive and connections may be slow, free Wi-Fi hotspots are our favorite. Let’s look at the Wi-Fi apps that are free and can assist us in finding an internet connection and remain connected.


Avast WiFi Finder

The Avast Wi-Fi Finder is a no-cost iPhone app developed by AVAST software a.s. It is regularly updated and is able to give up-to-date information on WiFi hotspots in the vicinity. It is important to note that when you access it for the first time, you have to have access to Internet. For instance the USA map contains 220,145 networks.

When you first start the app, you’ll get a list of nearby hotspots, along with a description of whether the area is free or requires login information. Select a hotspot you require or click select the maps tab to view directions for walking.

Overall Avast Wi-Fi Finder is an app that is easy to use with a wide range of hotspots to pick from.

WiFi Map Application

Wifi Map is a different application that claims to reveal the locations of Wi-Fi networks that are free and situated. Alongside Avast it allows you to download offline maps for later use. This feature is only available in the the PRO version at $5.99. If you don’t feel to buy this Wi-Fi Locator enter the addresses you intend to visit and save hotspots that are nearby within Notes, or taking a picture.

The app is fantastic because it’s driven by a community of volunteers who accumulate and share passwords for secure hotspots. You can also become an active user by creating an account on your Facebook login details. By doing this, you’ll be able add new passwords and upgrade existing ones, which will help other users just like you.

As you can see, Wifimap is worth installing because of the number of Wi-Fi passwords it’s got.

WIFFINITY – Free WiFi Access and passwords

Wiffinity is an application based on community assistance and. When you open your app it displays the Wi-Fi networks near. If you’re in a remote Wi-Fi area the app will allow the possibility of sharing it with the entire community. Similar to other apps similar to this, Wiffinity lets you save maps to view offline. It is as simple as typing the name of the city in an appropriate area. The application will locate it and display the approximate map size. Press the Download button in order to download the map.

The app isn’t able to provide a wide range of settings and choices. The Wi-Fi sports selection is very limited. A few cities do not seem to have any spot in any way.

WiFi Finder Free

Wi-Fi Finder Free is another tool to keep you connected even when you’re away. It locates public WiFi spots that are free and also those with passwords. The app is a massive number of passwords submitted by users. It is also possible to help the app’s developers by submitting your login information from a certain cafe, hotel, or any other spot.

Wi-Fi Finder Free lets users to determine the availability of public Wi-Fi prior to. All you have to do is input the name of a city or address into the search bar and you’ll see all possibilities. If you’d prefer, you can choose an option for a map. There are four choices: normal or satellite, terrain, and hybrid.

If you see the list of places that you can choose from, click the one you want to use and copy the password. Go to the settings app, then tap the Wi-Fi tab, choose an option and then paste in the password. Some passwords might be obscured. To reveal them, give the app a rating in the AppStore.

In terms of drawbacks there are two. There is no option to save a map offline and you’ll need to save all the needed information manually. Additionally, you’ll receive the banner ads in the lower right corner of the application. It’s actually not too bad.

WiFi Map & Map FINDER

Map WiFi and Wi-Fi Finder is the final but not the last app on this list. If you download it, it displays the map of the current place of residence. You can choose between satellite and standard modes. The app also allows users to filter locations by category like cafes, hotels bars, stores, and so on.

There are some drawbacks. The most important problem is that the number of Wi-Fi available for free isn’t a lot. Also offline maps are accessible for $10 for the Pro version. Of course, there are pop-up and banner ads that are removed at $1.99.

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