Pakistan Laptop Scheme Phase 2 Online Apply

Pakistan Laptop Scheme Phase 2 Online Apply

This post will show you how to apply for a laptop program. The Pakistan Laptop Scheme Phase 2 was launched on 21 August. This scholarship is open to Punjab residents only. You can apply online and all the requirements are given in this post. The Laptop Scheme of Pakistan is to provide Islamabad.


If you are a Punjabi province student, you can apply for this scholarship. You can apply for the Scholarship for the Matric, Inter and Middle students. If your student has the CNIC, the Domicile is required.

Laptop scheme:

The government will provide laptops and scholarships for all Punjabi students through the laptop scheme. This scheme will provide laptops as well as tabs. To apply, please read the below instructions and apply. This program is for children in Punjab only. The students range from middle school to internship. This scheme was created by the government to encourage gifted children.


  • This scholarship provides 250 laptops
  • Gives the 10000 rupees per year
  • There are two types.
  • You can apply for a scholarship to help you get a laptop.
  • You can apply for a scholarship.

Check out the Scholarships

You must give the syllabus to the Scholershtips in English and math. The general knowledge subject is the 25%, the general science the 10% syllabus, and the Urdu the 10 percent syllabus. This scholarship is available to those who pass the test. First time passing the test. First Passed the Test.

  1. Urdu 10%
  2. English 45%
  3. General Knowledge 10%
  4. General Science 25%
  5. Math 10%


You must be bay form to apply for this scheme. You cannot apply if you are not bay form.

Challan Form

This scheme is for students in Middle Matric and FSC.
The application for the Laptop Scheme requires both a bay and challan form, middle matriculation, and an FSC degree. This requirement must be met before you can apply for this scheme.

How to apply for the Laptop Scheme:

First, read the following details before you apply. Apply for a laptop scholarship online by downloading the Challan Forum and submitting the Challan via the official website.

Click the Apply Now button. After you have clicked the button, you will be taken to the official website. This website provides all details. If you are near the MCB bank, you can download the Challan Forum. If you are close to the HBL bank, you can download the Challan Forum. Click the Apply button to open a new window. This window will contain the required information for the Scholarship.

Click To Challan Forum:

  • Upload the photo minimum size is 100kb
  • Enter the Bay Form Number
  • Select the Category
  • This is the date which enters the Bay forum.
  • Enter the Mobile Number, then select the Province. After that, you will need to submit the details.
  • Apply for the Application after the Last Date. Your Application will be Rejected.

If you pay this rupee, then you upload to the forum.

Test Date:

This message will include details about where you live and the time. You will receive an SMS when your fee has been deposited at the bank. This will inform you that your application was rejected or submitted.


The scholarship will send the recipient to the next district. If the member of the Scholarship is not in good standing.


You can view the video on YouTube channel pk job pro to learn more.


You can reach me if you have any questions or a problem with your application.

Any problem will be solved by me. You can reach me at the contact page to send me a message. We will respond promptly.

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